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Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 22:54:36 -0400
From: Juan Antonio Perez <japerez@DANDY.NET>
Subject: Taino Tribe Thankful For Rescue of Circle (Part Two)

Taino tribe thankful for rescue of Circle

Miami Herald, 21 February 1999

The carvings on the Miami Circle are similar to carvings found all over the Caribbean, Rodriguez said. The site was most likely ceremonial, he said.

Meanwhile, the curious and those touched by the movement to save the Circle continued to visit the site, bringing roses to hang on the fence or to add to an altar that included a wooden bowl of corn, bananas, grapefruit and candles. Dozens of purple and yellow flowers were strewn around the earthen altar on Saturday.

Geeta Constantino, a Mayan shamanic healer who said she abandoned her human patients to minister to the land, burned incense and invited the 25 people who had gathered to make offerings of flowers, corn or singing.

I have a bigger patient—the Earth—that I have to give my time to, she said, her body swaying as she talked. The land needs healing all over now.