The Tekesta Miami Circle

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Taino tribe thankful for rescue of Circle
By Ajowa Nzinga Ifateyo, The Miami Herald, 21 February 1999. The Taino tribe of Jatibonicu— in Borken (Puerto Rico) sent a representative from New Jersey to the Miami Circle to thank the people who helped to save the ancient ruins at the edge of the Miami River. The Miami-Dade County Commission voted to go to court to block a developer from building on the site of the mysterious stone carving.
Taino tribe thankful for rescue of Circle
Miami Herald, 21 February 1999. The carvings on the Miami Circle are similar to carvings found all over the Caribbean. The Miami Circle site was most likely ceremonial. A Mayan shamanic healer burned incense and invited the people to make offerings of flowers, corn or singing.
Miami; Indian site inspires more Emotions than Donations
From the Washington Post, 27 November 1999. Concerning the Taino Tekesta Miami Circle site.
County will get loan for Circle
Deal for purchase of the Taino Miami Circle site expected to be completed today. By Don Finefrock, Maimi Herald, Tuesday November 30 1999.