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Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 00:33:30 -0400
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Subject: TAINO-L Digest - 7 Jan 1998 to 9 Jan 1998

Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998 10:38:43 EST
From: Yucayeke <Yucayeke@AOL.COM>
Subject: Announcement of New Bohike and Cacika

Announcement of New Bohike and Cacika

From Cacike Yucayeke Incatunaca, 9 January 1998


GŁatý Juracŗn; agŁada Yukiyý; cuya Atabex in Yocahý, heketž tŗi!
Yucahý in Bohike toca!

It is with great joy that The Yucayeke Incatunaca anounces to white Puertoricans; to the creole Boricua; to the Afro-Borincano; the Amero-Taino; the Gringo-Rican, and with a special warmth to all of our Arawack siblings of New England, Empire of USA, who are not in oneness with The Yucayeke Incatunaca; but who with Borikense Pride and determination continue the struggle for freedom commenced by the Great Cacike Uroyoan in November of 1510; -That:

Bohike Areyteixo Ynyx Turey; is on his way with his Caney to Amazon River, from where he will follow the Original Trail of The Arawack to The River Orinoco, on the Venezuelan side, where he will erect his Caney, and remain up until his departure to The Coabey.

On his stead The Omnipotent Goddess Atabex in her inmense love has gifted The Yucayeke Incatunaca with Anacuya Turey; (Valerie Vargas). Formely of New York City, presently of Las Cruces, New Mexico; -and always from BorikŤn.

She is Heketž Bohike, [First Bohike], of Yucayeke Incatunaca. She is a Herbalist with a Health Degree, (RN) and knowledge of GŁarapos and Arawack medicine past down to her from her Nargutis and Aracoeles.

She also becomes one of the Cacikas of Yucayeke Incatunaca, representing to all of you the Only One Voice, of Yucayeke Incatunaca. In his absence, she speaks for Cacike Dax. What ever pact she makes, whatever decision she takes she does thus for Yucayeke Incatunaca and Cacike Dax aca YagŁeca.

Who receives her well is GŁaitiao of Yucayeke Incatunaca, who ever offends her is Catý (enemy) of Yucayeke Incatunaca.

She can be reach electronically at either: