The contemporary political history of
Native Americans in Boriken
(Puerto Rico)

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Los Derecho Historicos De Un Pueblo Indigena De Boriken (Puerto Rico)
Por Cacike Pedro Guanikeyu Torres, Ansiano del Consejo, 24 December 1997. Como es un echo que nuestra hostoria Taina siempre esta en un nuevo desarrollo politico y economico diariamente. Pues al presentar una historia pre-colonbina sin dar una presentacion sobre el desarrollo historico contemoraño es una fechoria de la historia de un pueblo y su sociedad contemporaña.
Announcement of New Bohike and Cacika
From Cacike Yucayeke Incatunaca, 9 January 1998. The Yucayeke Incatunaca announces that Bohike Areyteixo Ynyx Turey is on his way to the Orinoco on the Venezuelan side, where he will erect his Caney and remain up until his departure to The Coabey. In his stead the Omnipotent Goddess Atabex has gifted the Yucayeke Incatunaca with Anacuya Turey (Valerie Vargas), formely of New York City and always from Borikèn, who is Heketì Bohike [First Bohike] of Yucayeke Incatunaca, and one of the Cacikas of Yucayeke Incatunaca.
Stepping Back Up As a Cacike and Tribal Elder of My People
By Elder Pedro Guanikeyu Torres, 22 January 2001. Notice of his resignation as Principle Chief and Cackike of the Jatibonicu, but intends to remain active and a tribal elder.
The Tribal Council and Its Authority Over Its Tribal Bands
Elder Pedro Guanikeyu Torres, 27 January 2001. Explains the function of the Tribal Council and its authority over its Taino Tribal Bands in New Jersey, Florida and Puerto Rico. The tribe here refers to Jatibonicu tribe as a whole, including its bands in Florida, New Jersey and Puerto Rico. Powers of the Cacike; powers of the Nitaynos, tribal membership termination. Contact information.
The Jatibonicu Taino People Then and Now (1400 -2001)
By Cacique Pedro Guanikeyu Torres, 20 May 2001. The continued struggle of the Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation and its people in Puerto Rico and in the United States. In our ongoing struggle of cultural survival we have been gathering our resources to rebuild our Jatibonicu Taino tribal homeland in the central mountains of Puerto Rico. On 18 November 1970, our relatives gathered in Orocovis, Puerto Rico to re-establish our own sovereign tribal Government.