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Subject: The Taino Term Jibaro and its Meaning

The Taino Term Jibaro and its Meaning

By Cacike Pedro Guanikeyu Torres, 16 January 2000

Tau Cacique Guanikeyu:

The word Jibaro has come up in the soc.culture.cuba

In my understanding Jibaro in Cuba means wild as in perros jibaros, however outside Cuba does jibaro also mean country folk


In the past many prejudice people associated the Tainos and their people with negative thoughts. Term like savages, dogs and animals had also been used in the past by some of the Spanish historians and writers. These negative translations of Taino words have been spread for years by some contemporary spanish writers.

The term Jibaro comes from two root words JIBA and RO in the Taino language. It has the meaning or thought of Men of the Forest.

1. Jiba = Monte or Forest
2. Iro = Hombre or man or men

In Boriken (Puerto Rico) the term Jibaro also is directly relates to the Taino mestizo Indian of the hill country better known as El Campesino or the humble country folk.

Respectfully yours;
Cacike Pedro Guanikeyu Torres,
Principal Chief, Taino Tribe of Jatibonicu'
(Great People of the Sacred High Waters)