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Date: Thu, 7 Oct 1999 22:27:41 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: (en) Canadian Indigenous People - Mi'kmaq & Maliseet attacked need help urgently
From: Chris <red@iww.org>
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Re: Donald Marshall Ruling

Mikmaq and Maliseet Indian Nations need help: Attacked after Canadian Supreme Court rules in favour of indigenous fishing rights

MNN Mohawk Nation News,
Kahnawake of Mohawk Territory,
5 October 1999

One week ago the Supreme Court of Canada affirmed that according to a 1760 treaty Indigenous People have a right to fish without restriction any time of the year. Donald Marshall, a Mikmaq, was arrested for catching eel out of season. He took it to the Supreme Court and won. Since this favourable ruling for the Indians hundreds of non-native fishermen have broken over 3,500 traps belonging to the Mikmaq fishermen from Burnt Church, a native territory in New Brusnwick on the Miramichi River. They vandalized three plants suspected of processing native-caught lobster. Today they burnt a native sacred site. So far the police have laid no charges nor stopped these mobs from attacking the Indians and destroying and sabotaging Indian property.

URGENT. The Mikmaq and Maliseet People need your help. At an all chiefs conference yesterday the chiefs vowed to continue to exercise their rights and support the Warrior Society. They need help physically, politically and financially. The government is presently standing back allowing the police to watch as non-natives attack Indian people and damage their property. The question is why is the government allowing the non-native civilians to attack and destroy without impunity. In the past if the tables were turned, you can be sure native people would have been arrested and given long prison sentences. Instead the mobs are allowed to rule, to desecrate Indian property, to burn native boats, to destroy lobster traps and to beat up native people. The Mikmaq and Maliseet Nations are asking supporters to contact the people listed below immediately and help them, to go to Canadian Embassies all over the world and question these tactics of using civilians against the native. So this is the new tactic of the government of not sending in the army? People are being ask to go to international organizations to put pressure on Canada and to get whatever political support they can for the Mikmaq and Maliseet Nations. Remember, the native people have every right to fish. Because they do so they are be threatened. As well, they need more traps, fishing boats, fuel for their boats, communications equipment and other necessary supplies. They especially need people to go there to deter the potential for violence.

To verify this information contact: Frank Thomas 902-448-1605; Clifford Larry 506-776-1013; Captain 506-523-9289; Steve Marshall 902-890-1436. Fax 902-897-2453

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