The economic history of
Native Americans in Canada as a whole

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Mikmaq and Maliseet Indian Nations need help: Attacked after Canadian Supreme Court rules in favour of indigenous fishing rights
MNN Mohawk Nation News, Kahnawake of Mohawk Territory, 5 October 1999. the Supreme Court of Canada affirmed that according to a 1760 treaty Indigenous People have a right to fish without restriction any time of the year. Donald Marshall, a Mikmaq, was arrested for catching eel out of season.
Esgenoopetitj First Nation (Burnt Church First Nation)
30 September 2002. Once again, the community of Burnt Church and the Mikmaq Nation are fighting the Canadian government, determined to protect their people's ancient Inherent right to fish, which has been exercised since time immemorial. This Inherent right was recognized in the 1760-61 Treaties with the British and upheld in the 1999 Supreme Canadian Court Marshal ruling.