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From tintin@tao.ca Mon Oct 1 18:27:29 2001
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 23:06:17 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: (en) Canada, First nation people in struggle, Burnt Church
From: tintin <tintin@tao.ca>
Article: 127286
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Esgenoopetitj First Nation (Burnt Church First Nation)

From James Ward, Commander, East Coast Warrior Society,
30 September 2002

Once again, the community of Burnt Church and the Mikmaq Nation are fighting the Canadian government for the future of the next 7 generations. The Mikmaq people of Burnt Church are determined to protect their peoples ancient Inherent right to fish, which has been exercised since time immemorial. This Inherent right was recognized in the 1760-61 Treaties with the British and upheld in the 1999 Supreme Canadian Court Marshal ruling.

The Canadian government through the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) has chosen to ignore their laws and turn a blind eye to their Marshall decision by denying us our Inherent right to our own resources and the ability to sell our catch in order to sustain ourselves.

The Mikmaq people of Burnt Church have utterly rejected any and all of the Canadian governments attempts to legally extinguish our rights and freedoms through agreements. We will not perpetuate the process of self-infringement, self-denial and self-extinguishment of rights and freedoms that belong to the future generations.

We are bound and determined to not repeat the mistakes of the past by co-operating with an adversarial Canadian government.

The 2001 Mikmaq Treaty Conflict resulted in a large deployment of government forces (DFO, RCMP, Coast Guard and the paramilitary Emergency Response Teams) to wipe out the Mikmaq fishery by use of overwhelming force. The Mikmaq stood up, resisted and defended their rights and freedoms.

We clearly understand the magnitude of the this fight. It has National consequences and impacts ALL Native Nations.

When we win, this will set a precedent for Native Nations reasserting control over stolen Natural resources and demonstrate a right to manage these resources, for the betterment of our futures, without the influence or control of the Canadian government.

This year we are up against an even larger mobilization government forces. They have deployed up to 40% more DFO officers and vessels, A larger RCMP presence, a purposely built RCMP Operational Center just off our reserve and twice as many paramilitary Emergency Response Teams. The government has taken over the nearby wharf and surrounded our reserve with RCMP vehicles.

Burnt Church has fewer boats, no available funds, and are closed off by large daily government patrols. The leadership has been targeted by the RCMP. Most of them have warrants for their arrest pertaining to last years conflict and one by one the RCMP is trying to grab them.

As I write this letter, I am constantly evading capture by the RCMP. I have evaded 4 attempts so far. I am now a fugitive in my own land.

We are going to fight for our children, and WE WILL WIN, but in order to be successful we need the help from our bother and sister Nations and any social conscience individuals. This conflict is a dark time for my people and we need your help.

We are in need of:

1. Financial donations - Banking information provided below

2. Boats - any size or type, if you wish to lend or donate one please contact me first at my number provided below for arrangements

3. Food - we have warriors from throughout Canada here to assist but we have very little food to sustain them.

4. Communications gear - preferably marine VHF radios

5. Scanners - to monitor radio traffic

6. Night vision - to conduct conservation and security patrols

7. Global positioning systems- to assist in conservation and security patrols

8. Spotting scopes and binoculars - to assist conservation and security patrols

9. Camping supplies - tents, sleeping bags, tarps, propane stoves, propane tanks, lanterns, lamps, blankets, utensils,

10. Marine items - 2 cycle oil, gas and rope

11. Medical Equipment - any

12. Warm Gear - jackets, sweaters, gloves, hats, wool socks

13. Wet weather gear - ponchos or rain gear

14. Cigarettes and/or tobacco

As you can see we need a lot for this fight. Any help will be greatly appreciated by myself, the people of Esgenoopetitj and the Mikmaq Nation. Thank you.

Please make any financial contributions payable to
Burnt Church Treaty Defense Fund Bank of Nova Scotia 139 Henry St. Miramichi, NB E1V-2N5

Sincerely, James Ward Commander, East Coast Warrior Society,
phone (506) 776-5629
E-MAIL - crimson_nemisis@hotmail.com