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From: DS Adonaset Fort <adonaset@radix.net>
To: Taino-L <Taino-L@corso.ccsu.ctstateu.edu>
Subject: Life In A Dumpster
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 18:24:42 -0400
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Life In A Dumpster

By Adonaset - Walk in Harmony, 29 August 1997

Oyea Tau

pain not with-standing they venture forward
seeking that which is and
that which exists only in their dreams
or nightmares
clumsily one foot placed before the other
stumbling through the abyss
tormented by screams
ripped from their own throats
crushed by the weight
of their own guilt
bile and vomit they consume
to be brought back
to be consumed again
they relish the taste of their children's flesh
tongues are cut from the mouths
of the elderly to silence them
but still they scream
gurgling screams that echo
off the walls of the abyss
blisters and boils cover
the skin while parasites
eat the flesh exposing bone
disease fills the air
the water runs thick with poisons
the earth is sterile and nothing will grow
seeds dry up and blow away as dust
they have intercourse with death
pain, suffering and desolation
is the still born child of their unholy union
they rip holes in the breast
of their own mother
and pull from her the organs of life
sitting in the pool of their mother's blood
they consume her organs and defile her flesh
they value more the organs than the mothers life
children are ripped from the womb
and discarded in garbage cans
and dumpsters
filth fills the streets and the air
bodies lie in the gutters
death goes un-noticed
no prayers, no smoke
simply ignored
withered crops are harvested and consumed
with no thought of next years planting
They come to us in our isolation
and take what is ours
poison is poured out on the land
and they cause the waters to die
they push aside the gate
and gesture in obscene manners and say
welcome to the modern world
find within it your place of genocide
then they play the star spangled banner
and fire cannons into the crowd.
the deaths go un-noticed
welcome indian to the modern world
here is your place of genocide

Walk in Harmony