The contemporary political history
of Native Americans in the U.S. as a whole

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Indictment of the Federal Government of the U.S. for the commission of international crimes and petition for orders mandating its proscription and dissolution as an international criminal conspiracy and criminal organization
By Francis A. Boyle, Professor of International Law, 18 September 1992. All citizens of the World Community have both the right and the duty under public international law to sit in judgment over a gross and consistent pattern of violations of the most fundamental norms of international criminal law committed by any member state of that same World Community.
Call To Action
From the National People's Campaign, Kanoheda Aniyvwiya (Naive American News), 26 April 1995. The forces of racism and reaction are seeking to turn back the clock. The Contract With America is really the program of corporate America. The National People's Campaign aims to be a vigorous activist coalition, bringing together all those who want to oppose the Contract.
Native Americans—nations in struggle for survival
Interview with Vernon Bellecourt, by An Phoblacht/Republican News, 4 May 1995. Vernon Bellecourt, a member of the Chippewa tribe of the Lakota nation, is a founding member of the American Indian Movement and a principle leader in the 1972 occupation of the BIA and the Redskin Superbowl demonstrations of 1992. He spoke to AP/RN about some of the many struggles facing his people and their affinity with the struggle against British oppression in Ireland.
First Nations
By, 5 July 1995. The only way to stop this evil is for the red man to unite in claiming a common and equal right in the land, as it was first, and should be now, for it was never divided. In the bloody and gloomy days of Indian history public sentiment was against the Indians. In a free country we are not free; our heritage is freedom, but we are not free. Wake up, Indians, all over America!
Life In A Dumpster
By Adonaset - Walk in Harmony, 29 August 1997. A poem. Welcome to the modern world; find within it your place of genocide. The water runs thick with poisons; the earth is sterile and nothing will grow.
Targets of police attack return to Plymouth Rock
By Frank Neiser, Workers World, 29 January 1998. The Jan. 19 Rally Against Racism here was organized by the United American Indians of New England in response to an unprovoked police assault on peaceful Native demonstrators and their supporters on Nov. 27. That was Thanksgiving—better known to Native people as the National Day of Mourning.
Native American Farmers Seek Class Action in Suit Against USDA
By Bill Miller, Washington Post, 1 November 2000. Nearly 100 Native American farmers and ranchers crowded hope to turn their discrimination suit against the Agriculture Department into a class action covering at least 30,000 Indians. Agriculture officials discriminated against Indians by denying or delaying farm loans and emergency assistance, forcing many into foreclosure proceedings.
Native American Activist Smashes San Jose City Hall Statue of Christopher Columbus, Revered Mass Murderer
16 March 2001. Activist James Cosner smashed a life-size statue of Christopher Columbus in front of dozens of witnesses at City Hall in San Jose, California, shouting as he did, Genocide! This man rode our backs! This man murdered us!