The retrospective history of
Native Americans in the U.S. as a whole

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Historical overview of the Reservation Extension Program
By Ross Racine, Intertribal Agricultural Council, 19 January 1995. The IAC is a BIA program for Native American agricultural development.
Carlisle School Curriculum
By Carter Revard, 15 February 1995. Some references for Carlisle and other curricula in the 1800's;. Part of a dialog from the Western History Discussion List (H-West)
By Ms. Brookie M. Craig, Tsalagi, 9 June 1995. There is so little time for the fire to burn brighter...for it to sweep our turtle island consuming the evil of slavery...for that is what we are as long as our right to self determine is withheld from us...slaves. And if that light does not shine on in the darkness the souls of my People will always be enslaved.
History of the assimilation effort
Wotanging Ikche - Nannews, 2 October 1995. The drive to assimilate Indians into the mainstream of American life by changing their customs, dress, occupations, language, religion and philosophy has always been an element in Federal-Indian relations.
The Pocahontas myth
By Chief Crazy Horse, 1 July 1996. Of all of Powhatan's children, only Pocahontas is known, primarily because she became the hero of Euro-Americans as the good Indian, one who saved the life of a white man. The history, as recorded by the English themselves, is badly falsified in the name of entertainment.
Wounded Knee 1973-1998: The struggle continues
By Judith Le Blanc, People's Weekly World, 25 April 1998. The first of two parts [?] on the history of Wounded Knee and how Indians are continuing their struggles. Living on Pine Ridge Reservation in 1973 taught me many things about life that my family had shown me, but were never quite clear. Pine Ridge Reservation is where I realized how the lives of Indian people are inextricably linked to the political direction of the country.