The history of Native Americans in Peru

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Note: The term Andean here is used loosely for states that are to the West and South, even though they may spill into Amazonia. Native Americans who tend to live within the boarders of these states are classified there.

Native Candidates in Peru
By Edward H. Hammond III, 14 January 1995.
Pronunciamiento: Los Pueblos Indigenas, Sus Tierras y Sus Rios, Son Inseparables
Por la Defensa de la Humanidad, 2 Mar 1995. News from Peruvian Indians on Border War (in Spanish).
Ashaninkas Displaced From Their Lands
By Abraham Lama, IPS, 22 April 1998. The Ashaninka nation, an ethnic community which managed to survive years of violence involving Shining Path guerrillas and drug traffickers, now face the threat of massive displacement from their lands in the Peruvian forests.
Colonisation Threatens the Ashaninka
By Zoraida Portillo, IPS, 22 January 1999. Colonisers authorised to live on Ashaninka ancestral lands in the central forests of Peru threaten the survival of these native people - the largest indigenous group in the Peruvian Amazon.