The retrospective history of
Boriken (Native Puerto Rico)

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One Tin Soldier
Introduction by Cacike Pedro Torres, 9 June 2002. An old song that expresses what happened to the Taino People at the hands of the Spaniards when they sent Juan Ponce de Lion to Conquer our tribal homelands back in the 15th century.
History of Puerto Rico Tainos de Boriken
Translation of an extract from La Colonizacion De Puerto Rico, by Doņa Loida Figueroa. Puerto Rico unique in the Spanish New World for recognizing the right of the natives to liberty and human treatment, even before Las Casas. History of their status from the 16th century. To fix ethnic origins for the census of 1777 and 1778, all non-whites lumped together under the title of free colored people (pardos).
The mestzo prople from Guanica, Borkiken aka Guanica, Puerto Rico, are taken by force to Hawaii in the 189's
From William R. Cumpano, 24 August 1997. Excerpts from the taped interview on the history of the Puerto Rican Diaspora in Hawaii. Puerto Rico became a convenient place to look for labor, and the Hawaiian Sugar Planters Association had contacts in Puerto Rico, labor brokers. Forced emigration divided families.
Taino Documentation Project
Note from Cacike Pedro Guanikeyu Torres, 26 September 1995. Concerning the Taino Congress held on Boriken on November 18 1993, to reestablished the existence of a Taino Indigenous Nation.