The contemporary political history
of the Maya

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Guatemala: Maya Movement at the Political Crossroads
By Estuardo Zapeta, in Abya Yala News, Fall 1994.
Voices of the Pueblo Maya: A new age in Guatemalan politics
Peace Brigades International: Guatemala Team Report, October 1995. Political emergence of the Pueblo Maya.
Economic Justice in Guatemala
From The Institute for Economic Justice and Indigenous Technology (IEJIT), 3 November 1995. The IEJIT is based in Eugene Oregon and supports community based economic development projects in partnership with indigenous people, widows, children and poor campesinos. Current focus is the effort of ASOCIACION MAYA (AM), a development organization in Guatemala led by 5 Cakchikel-speaking women.
Urgent Action
Requested by the Guatemalan Maya League, 26 November 1999. On 12 November, the Electoral Commission of the Department of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, annulled the November 7th mayoral election results of that city which our Maya brother, Rigoberto Queme Chay of the Xel-ju Civic Committee won. It was alleged that the Committee bought votes and badly managed the counting.
Agresion a los Mayas Chortis de Honduras
Commicado de prensa, jueves 7 de septiembre del 2,000. El pueblo Maya Chorti de Honduras esta haciendo pública la brutal agresión de la que hemos sido víctimas a la altura de las 6 de la tarde, por parte de la Policía Nacional, con la participación directa de los habitates del municipio de Copán Ruinas (in Spanish).
Guatemala Mayans still 'wronged'
BBC News, 12 September 2002. The United Nations representative for Indian peoples has accused Guatemalan authorities of continuing to marginalise the country's sizeable Mayan population by political and structural discrimination and violence.