The history of Native Nicaragua

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Land Grab In Nicaragua (The Battle for Miskitia, Pt. 1)
By Bill Weinberg, Toward Freedom, June 1998. In the 1980s, the Indians of the rainforest and coastal plains (Miskitia), took up arms against Managua to secure their autonomy. Today, they find control of their lands threatened again, as the constitution is eroded by bureaucracy, corruption, and austerity.
The Battle for Miskitia Part Two: Nicaragua's new autonomy struggle centers on biodiversity
By Bill Weinberg, Toward Freedom, August 1998. Since Miskitia was granted autonomy in 1987, the Sandinista government attempted to nationalize Indian lands; now President Arnoldo Aleman of the Liberal Constitutionalist Party (PLC) wants to privatize them. Intensely politicized by their past, the Indians are again defending their territorial rights.
Nicaragua is Sued before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights
Press Release, Indigenous Mayagna Community of Awas Tingni, North Atlantic Autonomous Region, Nicaragua, 13 July 1998. The Inter-American Commission of Human Rights of the Organization of American States has filed a complaint against the government of Nicaragua, charging it with violating the traditional land rights of the Mayagna indigenous community of Awas Tingni.
Indians' heritage gets a legal stamp: Nicaragua's Mayagna Indians gain legal title to their ancestral lands and set a precedent for region
By Catherine Elton, The Christian Science Monitor, 4 December 2001. The swath of jungle on Nicaragua's Atlantic coast, where the Mayagna Indians of Awas Tingni live, is under attack by timber companies with government licenses to cut trees or to drive out homesteaders.
Indigenous People of Telpaneca Rebel
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 24 June 2002. More than 10,000 peasant farmers and workers, who belong to the indigenous people of the northern municipality of Telpaneca, declared themselves prepared to take direct action to reclaim territory ceded to the liquidators of Interbank.
New Miskito nation announced!
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 29 July 2002. To exercise its right to self determination, the indigenous Council of Elders announced in Bilwi that it is creating an independent nation, to be called the Communitarian Nation of Moskitia, which will come into existence in February of 2003.