Political action after 1997 affecting Native Americans in Nicaragua

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Peter Tsokos sells another island!
Nicaragua Network Hotline,, 3 December 2001. A Texan is in the business of selling beautiful Necaraguan islands which, under the Nicaraguan constitution, belong in perpetuity to the indigenous people of the area.
Indians' heritage gets a legal stamp
By Catherine Elton, Christian Science Monitor, 4 December 2001. Nicaragua's Mayagna Indians gain legal title to their ancestral lands and set a precedent for region. A ditch marks off the Awas Tingni reserve, but it has not been enough to fend off timber companies with government licenses to cut trees or to drive out homesteaders.
‘Dry Canal’ Discussions Anger Indigenous Communities
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 13 May 2002. Indigenous leaders from the Caribbean Coast met with one of the companies that would like to construct an inter-oceanic railway system across Nicaragua. They demanded demarcation of their lands along with communal land titles for more security over their land.
Atlantic Coast Still Awaits Regulation of the Autonomy Law
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 4 November 2002. Residents celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of the Autonomy Law of the Atlantic Coast. Laws passed by the Nicaraguan National Assembly in 1987 after consulting with the people of the entire Atlantic Coast, which addressed the concerns that had led numerous members of the Miskito community to take up arms against the Sandinista Revolution.
Milestone Victory for Indigenous Peoples
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 2 January 2003. The surprise approval by the National Assembly of a Demarcation Law Regarding the Properties of the Indigenous Peoples and Ethnic Communities of the Bocay, Coco and Indio Maiz Rivers, was hailed as a major victory in the long struggle to reclaim the rights of the peoples of Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast.