Resources for the history of
Native North America as a whole

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A Linguistic map of Native Americans in North America
1996 map by Brandon Plewe. Highly idealized delineation of major language groups and the specific languages they contain.
Pre-Contact Culture Areas
1997 map of North American outlining the principal pre-contact culturea areas created by Paula Giese. A link to a source for ethnographic information.
Reviews of Children's Books with Native American Themes
By Steve Brock, Kanoheda Aniyvwata (Native American News), 30 May 1996. Mostly brief critical synopses for books suited to the ages 4-8.
First People's Periodicals List
From The People's Paths BBC, 4 September 1996. A list of periodicals in English published by Native Americans in the United States and Canada. The validity of this list is limited by its age.