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Subject: Details on Massacre in Brazil

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Details on the Massacre of Landless Workers in Eldorado (State of Para) Brazil

Rio Maria Committee of the United States, 25 April 1996

On April 18 eight seriously wounded people arrived in Belem from Maraba. It was difficult to communicate with them because some needed immediate surgery, and others were in a precarious situation both physically and mentally. CUT (Central Unica dos Trabalhadores, a labor federation), which was attempting to do a survey of what the wounded needed, since they arrived without clothing or shoes, said that it was impossible to make contact with them. The Director of the Hopsital said that he was following orders of the governor of the state, Amir Gabriel, and of the Secretary of Public Safety, Paulo Sette Camara. Only relatives could enter. The Union of Health Workers of the State acted to negotiate for the press. In this way a representative of Fetragri (Federacao dos Trabalhadores Rurais—the rural workers' federation) and a representative of CUT were able to enter, as long as they were accompanied by a representative of the hospital. They were not permitted to remain with the wounded. Even after this authorization, two plain-clothes police tried to remove those two representatives (CUT and Fetragri), saying that they had orders from the Secretary of Public Safety. Then the Director of the Hospital assumed the responsibility of permitting the presence of these representa-tives of CUT and Fetragri with the wounded. However, plain-clothes police remained at the door of the room of Rubenita Silva, leader of the Movement of the Landless for the state of Para. Since these wounded people are important witnesses to the massacre, their lives are valuable for some and dangerous for others. The wounded ones are very traumatized by the brutality which they and many of their companions experienced.

The information which was given to us by Fetragri in relation to the wounded are as follows: