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Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 15:43:23 -0500
Sender: Progressive News & Views List <PNEWS-L@SJUVM.STJOHNS.EDU>
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Subject: Paraguay's Baby Trade


Paraguay's Baby Trade

J. Clancy, the Progressive News & Views List, 9 November 1995

A Nat'l TV segment from 'Foreign Correspondent' disclosed some disturbing news of Paraguay's illegal sale of babies. The country is known for its beautiful and rather fair skinned peoples. As with most natural assets however, there is always the downside, especially when men with money must stick their filthy fingers into the equation.

Recently in other parts of Latin America there has been widespread theft of body parts to assist the medical profession of north America to replace the faulty hearts, lungs, kidneys etc of their ailing but wealthy clients. Even former US Admin official Z.Brzezinski has written of the effect on future US culture if this kind of oppression of Latin America continues. The position is that people of all ages are being killed, even murdered, to satisfy the northern market; not just prison inmates or the naturally deceased.

In the case of Paraguay, a country perpetually under the control of US Administrations and CIA, the resultant poor females in city and country areas have found a way to make a pittance to exist on. But these are not normal adoptions. 'Rings' of solicitors, doctors and midwives has been uncovered, which produce false documentation for the northern clients, provide the clinic for the process and sell the babies for thousands of US dollars each.

The criminality continues with a solicitor who needed a baby urgently for a client. A teenage girl was forced to have a caesarian at seven months under unhygienic conditions to keep his client happy. She was left without proper medical attention and then required four operations to repair the damage done. Hundreds of females have lodged complaints without success. Now, the authorities have been forced to begin investigations, with adoptions banned for 12 months. This has forced the baby-trade 'underground' with less medical care for the mother.

Hundreds of photos of available babies, together with a quantity of stolen blank Birth Certificates have been recovered by the Authorities from a solicitor's office. This is not to say that all the buyers know of the illegality of the procedures.

But is this the latest form of profit under neo-liberalism? One 17 year old went to sleep next to her baby. When she awoke the child had 'disappeared'. (The ruling Generals had been 'disappearing' millions of their forefathers before them, so is that just natural govt behaviour in Paraguay?) Two older teenagers complained to the Authorities. This case resulted in one child was found in an orphanage awaiting sale. The other had already been taken to the USA.

Four other orphanages full of babies were found, but no legally acceptable explanation was offered. What if the babies were being sold to pedephiles? Would that be of more interest to readers?

Paraguay is a US-type 'democracy' I understand, with its US demanded and supplied army of generals who are always re-elected - with the usual unfailing method of vote counting -by US methods.