The social history of the Republic of Paraguay

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Paraguay's Baby Trade
J. Clancy, Progressive News & Views List, 9 November 1995. Fair skinned babies stolen to be sold into US market.
No child's play—Under-age recruitment in the armed forces
News Release by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International, 5 April 2001. Children as young as 12, illegally recruited into the Paraguayan armed forces and police, are routinely subjected to ill-treatment.
Francisco Carballo Figueredo (15), Ruben Dario Alacaraz (17) and other detainees at the ‘Panchito Lopez ’ juvenile detention centre
Amnesty International Urgent Action Bulletin, 28 February 2000. The grossly inadequate conditions at Panchito Lopez, where minors, 90% of whom are in pretrial detention and have not been sentenced, are held in severely overcrowded, insanitary cells with few washing facilities, little exercise or fresh air, with insufficient food and lack of proper medical care.