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Date: Sun, 6 Jul 97 11:18:16 CDT
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Subject: Uruguay: Slippery Tupamaros
Organization: Sprynet News Service

Slippery Tupamaros

Sprynet News Service, El Diario Internacional, No. 39, 6 July 1997

The Executive Committee of the Uruguay MLN (Tupamaros) has published a communique whose contents synthesize the sharp turn this group has taken towards the worst positions of opportunism in Latin America.

This pronouncement of the Tupamaros comes signed by three of their "historical leaders" and deals with the MRTA and the death of the commando squad that seized the Japanese embassy in Lima.

The most evident thing in the melodramatic text of the MLN is their enthusiasm in proclaiming the inane idea that in Peru peace may be achieved by means of negotiating away the armed struggle and their hammering at the concept that "pacification" is a boon for the "suffering people".

This is what these slippery Tupamaros say:

"Both the Government of Peru as well as the rest of governments in the Americas, prominent among these our own (Uruguay), have wasted the opportunity of finding a way out, not only to the question of the hostages and the prisoners, but in relation to a definitive pacification of that important country in South America (Peru), a boon for its suffering people, such as it has been the case with a number of countries that just yesterday were also shaken by equally or more regrettable wars".

Hum! For these gentlemen "peace" in Peru was therefore a question for the MRTA and Fujimori to grant?. What nous and sense of humour these comrades show!. This reflection - maybe genuflection is a better word - on the part of the Tupamaros is really beyond belief.

Fujimori did not accept the peace proposal from the MRTA and decided that it was best to murder the squad led by Cerpa Cartolini for the simple reason that the MRTA, as an armed group, did not pose any danger to the stability of the Peruvian state.

The seizure of the embassy by the MRTA squad in their endeavour to seek a "peace agreement" with the criminal regime of Peru, precisely demonstrates that the MRTA has nothing of its own to place upon any negotiating table. That is why it had to seize hostages in order to use them as bargaining chips.

On the other hand, it is something rather silly - if not something worse - to think that a "peace agreement" between the government and the MRTA could have led to pacification of Peruvian society.

What sort of pacification are these broken down lefties taking about?. Pacification with Fujimori in the driving seat?. Pacification with over 15 million Peruvians dying of starvation?.

Pacification under a brutal and bloodthirsty dictatorship?. Pacification in Peru - in the wide and real meaning of the word - will only arrive when the revolution achieves its strategic objective of the conquest of power. In Peru, Uruguay, or in any other part of the world, there can be no peace while the system of exploitation and oppression remains in place.

But the Tupamaros of Uruguay go even further in their apology of peace with the executioners and assert that "pacification" has become a boon for "countries that just yesterday were shaken by equally or more regrettable wars".

What countries are they talking about? Are they talking of countries in another planet or galaxy?. If they are talking about El Salvador, Guatemala or Nicaragua, we recommend them to take a direct look at those countries and then surely they would notice that the famous "pacification" implemented by imperialism, charlatans and traitors, can only serve to better repress and kill the oppressed in slow motion.

(From El Diario Internacional #39 with permission)