The contemporary political history of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay

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Leader quits left coalition in Uruguay
Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York, Weekly News Update on the Americas, 25 February 1996. On Feb. 5, at a ceremony celebrating the 25th anniversary of the founding of Uruguay's leftist Broad Front (FA) coalition, former general Liber Seregni announced his resignation as FA president. Seregni was barred from political activity during Uruguay's 12-year military dictatorship (1973-1985) and was imprisoned for several years.
Electoral alliances in Uruguay
By Stephen Marks, Green Left Weekly, 20 March 1996. Left and centrist party alliances and their relation to neoliberalism.
Slippery Tupamaros
Sprynet News Service, El Diario Internacional, 6 July 1997. Uruguay MLN (Tupamaros) accused of being opportunist for their support of negotation in lieu of Peru's MRTA armed struggle.
International campaign for people dissappeared in Uruguay
From Derechos Humanos PIT/CNT, 6 October 1998. International campaign for people dissappeared in Uruguay under the military dictatorship, related to the election of Uruguay to chair the United Natsion's General Assembly.
Cybernetic Neo-Nazis
By Daniel Gatti, IPS, 13 August 1999. The arrests of several members of a neo-Nazi group in Uruguay demonstrated the existence of extreme right organisations that use the Internet to maintain contact with groups in other Southern Cone countries.