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Subject: Weekly Americas News Update #416, 1/18/98
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** Topic: Weekly News Update #416, 1/18/98 **
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Center-Left electoral alliance cemented

Clarin, 18 January 1998

On the night of Jan. 16, Brazil's two main opposition parties-- the leftist Workers Party (PT) and the populist Democratic Labor Party (PDT)--sealed an electoral alliance for presidential elections this October [see Update #399]. Under the terms of the accord, negotiated at a meeting in Rio de Janeiro, the PT's Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and PDT leader Leonel Brizola will run as presidential and vice presidential candidates, respectively. The pact has not yet been officially confirmed, as negotiations are continuing over the possible participation in the alliance of other leftist parties, such as the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB), the Brazilian Communist Party (PCB), the Popular Socialist Party (PPC) and the Green Party (PV).

President Fernando Henrique Cardoso has not yet confirmed or denied whether he will seek reelection in October, although he currently leads all voter intention surveys and is expected to run. Lula is currently showing second in voter preference polls. In an interview with Buenos Aires daily Clarin, PT president Jose Dirceu warned that the government no longer has the slightest margin to maneuver in the face of the global crisis unleashed in southeast Asia.