The election of October 1998

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Center-Left electoral alliance cemented
Clarin, 18 January 1998. Brazil&s two main opposition parties-the leftist Workers Party (PT) and the populist Democratic Labor Party (PDT)-sealed an electoral alliance for presidential elections this October. PT&s Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and PDT leader Leonel Brizola will run as presidential and vice presidential candidates (brief).
Cardoso drops
El Nuevo Herald (Miami), 7 June 1998. Three voter preference polls released in Brazil on June 6 show a continuing slide by current president Fernando Henrique Cardoso, and a corresponding increase by challenger Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva of the Workers Party (PT) (brief).
Back on the stump, Brazil's Lula says he's a winner
By Adrian Dickson, Reuters, 24 July 1998. Brazil's maverick opposition leader and three-time presidential candidate Luis Inacio Lula da Silva says he has never been more confident of a victory at the polls.
Women, Indigenous and Landless Join Election Fray
By Mario Osava, IPS, 19 August 1998. Indigenous people and landless rural workers in Brazil are keen on expanding their representation in parliament in the October 4 national and state elections, along with women, who enjoy a 25 percent quota of all candidacies.