The history of superstition in the Federative Republic of Brazil

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US $90 million fine of the Universal Church of the Reign of God
SEJUP, News from Brazil, 10 July 1997. Church created as front for profiteering in the telecommunications industry.
9th Interecclesial Meeting: CEBs described as ‘seeds of hope’
SEJUP, News from Brazil, 31 July 1997. Nearly all dioceses represented in the Interecclesial Meeting of the Basic Ecclesial Communities (CEBs). Grass-roots Catholicism.
Rev. Moon develops Brazilian town into center of Latin American Operations
By Michael Astor, Associated Press, Miami Herald, 21 April 1998. On the edge of the vast Pantanal swamplands, Moon plans the 74,000-acre New Hope Ranch, including a school, a university and a research center. It is the kernel of an ambitious plan to develop education, agribusiness and tourism in 33 cities and towns within a 125-mile radius.
Ban on Condom Use Divides Catholic Church
By Mario Osava, IPS, 11 July 2000. The Brazilian Bishops Conference has adopted the Vatican's policy against condom use but the move accentuated divisions within the Church here and its discrepancies with society. The Catholic Church will see itself forced once again to ask for humanity's forgiveness for the errors committed with respect to AIDS, just as it had to in the cases of the indigenous and Afro-Brazilian populations.