The culture history of the Federative Republic of Brazil

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Beachwear crackdown bares paradox in Brazilian culture
By Kevin G. Hall, The Seattle Times, 20 January 2000. Brazilian culture is where religion and pleasure collide. Brazil boasts the world's largest Roman Catholic population but is constantly at odds with the Vatican over birth control, wide acceptance of the African-origin Candomble religion and sexual liberalism.
Brazil considers linguistic barricade
By Andrew Downie, The Christian Science Monitor, 6 September 2000. In Brazil, the largest Portuguese-speaking nation in the world, English is taking over. The reaction to this aspect of globalization's march. A legislative bill requires that Brazil's native tongue be used in business, formal, and social situations.
Brazil Rediscovers Its Culture; Poor Man's Cocktail, Martial Art Hip Among Middle Class
By Stephen Buckley, Washington Post, 15 April 2001. Thanks in large part to nearly a decade of economic openness and political stability, Brazil is changing its mind about itself to reinvigorate once-marginalized aspects of its culture and emboldened Brazilians to promote their culture abroad instead of privileging foreign culture.