The history of IT, telecommunications and media in Brazil

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Kermit in the Brazilian elections
By Fernando Cabral, CEO, PADRAO iX Sistemas Abertos, Brasilia, [27 April 1995]. KERMIT software played a crucial role in Brazil's general election of October 3, 1994, almost certainly the world's largest and most complex election ever. Brazilians seem to be ready and eager to have the next election in 1996 completely automated.
Community Radios Fight for Legal Status
By Mario Osava, IPS, 12 March 2000. Thousands of community radio stations in Brazil are fighting commercial stations and government agencies in a guerrilla war for radiowaves and audience share. The stations are demanding legal standing in the name of democratisation of the media, the right to information and freedom of expression.
Community Radio Flavela licenced in Bela Horizonte, Brazil
From MichaelP <>, 11 March 2000. Citizens of the favelas, or shantytowns, of Belo Horizonte have taking part in a community of information, activism and support. Radio Favela, an unlicensed FM operator that began in the 70's to provide youth alternatives to drug trafficking, has won awards from the UN for its efforts.