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Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 00:07:50 +0200
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Sender: Forum on Labor in the Global Economy <LABOR-L@YORKU.CA>
From: Hugh Rodwell <m-14970@MAILBOX.SWIPNET.SE>
Subject: Leaflet from Chilean MPS in English

In Defense of Human Rights! Trial and punishment for Pinochet!

Leaflet from Chilean MPS in English
28 October 1998

Here's the text of a leaflet from the MPS, the Chilean section of the IWL/FI (LIT/CI), in Spanish and English ...

As my previous post indicates, I would have liked to see at least some reference in it to the inadequacy of imperialist justice with a comparison to the Nuremberg tribunal, plus something about the real forum of justice in cases like these being popular revolutionary tribunals. Perhaps the character of democratic agitation could have been made more consciously explicit, too.

However, the passionate hatred of the dictator and the dictatorship and its counterrevolutionary backers is incandescent in this leaflet, as in the (minimal) footage we have seen from Chile on the news. As the text says, nothing has been forgotten -- or reconciled (cf South Africa) or had a final closure (cf Argentina). And the footage of pro-dictator demos in Chile and the news of US machinations to get the old maggot off the hook -- as well as the Daily Telegraph proposing he should be made a member of the Royal Family ;-)) -- shows equally that the butchers haven't learnt anything since 1973. In fact, this explosion of a democratic issue (human rights, civil rights, bourgeois justice) may lead to a social earthquake in Chile and the Southern Cone of Latin America the way the anti-Poll-Tax movement in Britain shook Thatcher and got some of the most long-suffering workers and pensioners in Europe to rise up in a massive civil disobedience movement and face jail. In Britain the cry was Can't Pay, Won't Pay, and it eventually broke Thatcher and her regime. In Chile the cry is punishment for the assassin, no amnesty, plus no confidence in the justice of the Chilean regime and mobilization of the working class to guarantee the murderer is put behind bars.

This is political magma forcing its way to the surface of society -- maybe we won't have to wait too long to see the volcano erupt again!

=46uerza Chile!



The latest events in relation to the arrest of the Chilean ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet show it is not only in our country that the memory of so much killing, torture and appalling violations of fundamental human rights remains alive. Here we have the person chiefly responsible for these crimes, trusting in the status of senator for life he created for himself in his "legitimate constitution", travelling to London to deal with a minor health problem-but today it should be clear to him that he will not be able to live in ease for the rest of his life because there will be voices demanding justice to the ends of the earth.

Today Chile has hit the headlines, and not because of its macro-economic achievements as they've been trying to make us believe for at least the past eight years, but because the government with Frei at its head is running to kiss the boots and watch the back of the murderer-who will certainly have offered them some secret favour. Like for instance using his terroristic methods to help break up the struggles that are beginning to erupt. But this time we must not let ourselves be taken in-the government's talk of democracy is only a worn-out record for election speeches. When justice is on the agenda they will not hesitate to go against the workers and support dictatorship as Alwyn once did knocking at the gates of the barracks in '73. Today the whole world is speaking about us and proving us right when we say that nothing has been forgotten. And the world should know that for us Chileans the place in which justice is done is of no concern, we know too well that torture, exploitation and state terrorism have no country or city. There are only torturers and the tortured, exploiters and the exploited. This is why we call on all political, social and human rights organizations and all who call themselves democrats in Chile and around the world to mobilize outside the embassies of Spain and England until we succeed in getting the genocide Pinochet locked away in jail.

Never again in Chile....!

Trial and punishment for Pinochet and his fellow-criminals!

Demand at the embassies of England and Spain around the world that the dictator be put on trial!

Repudiate the Frei government and the coalition MPs who are defending Pinoch= et!

No confidence in justice at tribunals in Chile-for eight years they have done nothing!

Mobilize the workers' communities, factories and workplaces in support of the Spanish judges!

No diplomatic immunity!

¡Por la defensa de lost D.D.H.H. Juicio y casigo a Pinochet!

Los últimos hechos en relación a la detención del Dictador Augusto Pinochet muestran que no solo en nuestro país sigue abierto el recuerdo de tanto asesinato, tortura y horribles violaciones a los fundamentales D.D.H.H. y ahí está el principal responsable quien confiado en su condición de senador vitalicio afirmándose de su 'legítima constitución del 80' viaja a Londres para resolver un secundario problema de salud pero hoy debe quedarle claro que no podrá vivir tranquilo el resto de suvida, pués habrá hasta en el fin del mundo una voz que reclame y exija justicia.

Hoy Chile aparece en las primeras planas de noticieros en el mundo y no por sus logros macroeconómicos como nos han hecho creer durante por lo menos 8 años, sino por que el gobierno con Frei a la cabeza corren a besar las botas y a cuidar la espalda del asesino quien seguramente les tendrá ofrecido algún secreto beneficio como por ejemplo ayudar con sus métodos de terror a disolver las luchas que sin duda se comienzan a dar, pero esta vez nos debe quedar claro que su discurso democrático solo lo repiten en días de elecciones pero cuando de justicia se trata no tienen duda de ponerse en contra de los trabajadores apoyando dictaduras tal como un día Alwyn lo hizo golpeando las puertas de los cuarteles el año 73' hoy todo el mundo habla de nosotros y nos dan la razón de que nada está olvidado y se debe saber que a los chilenos no nos preocupa el lugar donde se logre la justicia solo sabemos que para la tortura, la explotación y el terrorismo de estado no existe país, o ciudad solo existen torturadores y torturados, explotadores y explotados es por eso que llamamos a movilizarce en chile y en el mundo a todas las organizaciones Políticas, sociales de D.D.H.H. y a todos quienes se digan demócratas que se movilicen frente a las embajadas de España e Inglaterra hasta que consigamos llevar a la cárcel al genocida Pinochet.

Para que nunca más en Chile....

¡Juicio y castigo a Pinochet y a todos los responsables!

¡Exijamos en las embajadas de Inglaterra y España en todo el mundo el procesamiento del dictador!

¡Repudiemos al Gobierno de Frei y los parlamentarios de la concertación que defienden a Pinochet!

¡No confiemos en que los tribunales chilenos lo juzgarán, porque no lo han hecho en 8 años!

¡Movilicémonos en las poblaciones fábricas y lugares de trabajo en apoyo a los jueces españoles!

¡No a la Inpunidad diplomática!

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