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The struggle to bring Augusto Pinochet to justice

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   The contemporary political history of Chile

Pinochet in Chile after the collapse of his dictatorship

Demo vs. Pinochet set
Workers World, 15 January 1998. Broad political forces are planning mass demonstrations in January in an effort to remove Gen. Augusto Pinochet from Chile's parliament.
News from the trenches
5 February 1998. A letter describing the political opposition to making Pinochet senator for life, but the stuggle not likely to suceed.
Pinochet Dominates International Women's Day
By Gustavo Gonzalez, IPS, 6 March 1998. Protests against former dictator Augusto Pinochet's impending investiture as life senator will dominate the commemoration of International Women's Day in Chile this weekend, on eve of his leaving the army.
Chilean Women March Against Pinochet
Weekly News Update on the Americas, 8 March 1998. Between 3,000 and 5,000 women marched on Mar. 7 in Santiago, Chile, to commemorate International Women's Day and to voice their objection to former dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet and his plans to take a lifetime seat in the Senate.
After a quarter of a century total government commitment to truth and justice is required
Amnesty International, News Release, 22 July 1998. It is time for the government to acknowledge the gravity of the crimes committed under the military government and the efforts of the relatives of the victims to clarify the events. In a clear commitment to the future the Chilean Government should reject half-measures to deal with its human rights legacy.

Under arrest in London (16 October 1998 to 2 March 2000)

In Defense of Human Rights! Trial and punishment for Pinochet!
Leaflet from Chilean MPS in English and Spanish, 28 October 1998. Re. the arrest of Pinochet in London and policy of Frei at home.
Augusto Pinochet, former President of Chile: Impunity / legal concern
Amnesty International urgent action bulletin, 19 November 1998. AI fears a return to Chile will mean Pinochet will gain impunity for his crimes against mankind.
The End of Impunity?
By Daniel Gatti, IPS, 25 November 1998. A ruling by Britain's Law Lords and the arrests of Massera and Videla deal a heavy blow to impunity for human rights violators in the Southern Cone of Latin America,
Pinochet Again a Force in Chilean Politics
By Roberto Candia - AP in The Washington Post 12 January 2000. The announcement Tuesday that British authorities may release Pinochet because of his frail health has dropped a political bomb on the Chile election.

Return to Chile

Pinochet Returns to Chile
By Anthony Faiola, The Washington Post, 3 March 2000. Gen. Augusto Pinochet, the former Chilean dictator who spent 16 months under house arrest in England fighting extradition to Spain, flew home after British authorities ordered his release on humanitarian grounds and whisked him to a swift departure aboard a waiting Chilean air force plane.
Thousands march against Pinochet
BBC News, 4 March 2000. It seems that since the former dictator arrived in Santiago to a military welcome, he is well enough to stand trial in his own country.
Pinochet -- latest from Chile
Reuters, 9 March 2000. Lawyers fighting to put Chile's Augusto Pinochet on trial at home have presented another six civil lawsuits against the former dictator that allege human rights abuses during his 17-year iron-fisted rule.

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