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Subject: Workers around the world: 1/15/98
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Via Workers World News Service
Reprinted from the January 15, 1998 issue of Workers World newspaper

Demo vs. Pinochet set

Workers World
15 January 1998

Broad political forces are planning mass demonstrations in January in an effort to remove Gen. Augusto Pinochet from Chile's parliament. The "Pinochet Out!" coalition has named Jan. 26 as the "Day of National Indignity." The coalition is calling for protests in Santiago, Valparaiso and other major cities.

Pinochet was supposed to step down Jan. 26 as head of the armed forces and take his seat as a "senator for life" in the parliament. But in early January he dismissed talk of stepping down.

Pinochet took power in a CIA-organized coup in 1973, killing socialist President Salvador Allende. Thousands of Chileans were murdered, tortured and "disappeared" in the years following the coup.

The Pinochet Out! coalition, headed by the Chilean Communist Party, includes the Humanist Party, student groups, and the Group of Relatives of the Arrested and Missing. Other political leaders are pushing to put Pinochet on public trial for the crimes of his dictatorship.

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