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Subject: To be poor and clean in Chile....

Pinochet says in Chile there is "Clean Poverty" [Pinochet dice que en Chile existe una "pobreza limpia"]

Translated from Los Tiempos (Cochabamba, Bolivia)
4 December 1997, p. B1

Quito, 3 December (AP) In Chile, contrary to other countries, there is a "clean poverty" and nobody dies of hunger, the ex-president of Chile and general of the army Augosto Pinochet affirmed today.

Pinochet, who is visiting Ecuador since last Thursday, gave an interview to Radio Quito, in which a journalist presented him with statistics showing that 2 million people in Chile live in poverty.

"There are poverties and there are poverties. You can't compare the poverty of a German, from Germany, with the poverty that exists in Africa," the former ruler responded.

"One poverty in clean, the other poverty is serious."

"Chile has clean poverty. There you won't see poverty like what I have seen in other countries," he added.

"There in Chile nobody dies of hunger. Everyone has clothing, everyone has recourse to health care," he indicated.

"There you won't ever find a man without clothing."

Consulted on "what people in poverty in Chile lack" he responded: "Work. One has to give them work. Not raise their salaries, rather give them work."

Appeared in _Los Tiempos_ (Cochabamba, Bolivia), 4 December 1997, p. B1.
Translation is mine.

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