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History of Bolivia

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 History of South America

Economy and labor

Bolivian General Strike!
From Bolivian Union Solidarity Commitee. 23 April, 1995. Martial law response to general strike called because of neoliberalism.
Alternative Nourishment Models Demanded to Combat Widespread Malnutrition
By Fiorella Calderon. GAMA Newsletter, 4 October, 1995. Re mounting poverty due to government neoliberal policies.
Workers battle privatization
Workers World, 11 April, 1996. Wave of strukes that began March 11, 1996, against privatization plans.
Summary of Christmas Massacre
30 December, 1996. Confrontation between miners and police due to Vista Gold Corporation mines claiming Indian land.


El regreso del 'Che'
Por Carlos A. Lozano Guill‚n, in People's Weekly World, 6 January, 1996.
The Nancahuazu guerrilla front makes history again
By Leisa Sanchez, Prensa Latina, 2 July, 1996. The recovery of the bodies of Nancahuazu guerrillas fighting under Che Guevara and the writing of the history of the events of 1967.
New president sworn in, US cuts military aid
From Weekly News Update on the Americas, 10 August, 1997. Re President Banzer's background and associations.

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