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Ronald Fernandez, Prisoners of Colonialism

Book announcement, April, 1995

I would like to announce the publication -in late April of 1995- of Prisoners of Colonialism. This book focuses on the activities, trials, and treatment of 18 Puerto Ricans held in U.S. prisons as political prisoners or as prisoners of war. Half of the prisoners are women; all have received hellish treatment during incarcerations that are now (for many of the prisoners) entering their 14th year of maximum security status.

The book was written by Ronald Fernandez and it is published by Common Courage Press. The number for credit card orders is 1-800-497-3207; for bookstores and wholesalers the number is 1-800-243-0138. Common Courage's number is 207-525- 0900.

All proceeds from Prisoners of Colonialism go the prisoners and their families. The aim of the campaign is to obtain an unconditional amnesty for all the prisoners.

Prepublication comments include:

"A work of fundamental importance."

Padre Alvaro de Boar and the Sisters of the Communidad de Jesus Mediador

"Ronald Fernandez has assembled a captivating and sober book which illustrates how our government agencies harassed and abused the rights of citizens on this island.It picks apart most of the cherished assumptions regarding the historical relationship between Puerto Rico and the U.S."

Bill Olds, Executive Director, Connecticut Civil Liberties Union