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The contemporary political history of Boriken (Puerto Rico)

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   The history in general of Boriken (Puerto Rico)

   The history of Vieques, Boriken (Puerto Rico)
Puerto Rican Woman Prisoners of War
From Arm the Spirit. 9 March 1995. Imprisoned in US for their Puerto Rican independence struggle.
Ronald Fernandez, Prisoners of Colonialism
A book announcement, April 1995. 18 political prisoners.
Puerto Ricans oppose radar at Lajas
By Maritere Arce, el diario/La Prensa, New York City, 10 October 1995. El Valle de Lajas, a peaceful agricultural area in Puerto Rico, is the scene of a battle between Puerto Ricans and the U.S. Marines over the installation of radar to detect drug contraband.
ProLIBERTAD campaign for the freedom of Puerto Rican political prisoners and prisoners of war
Arm the Spririt, 30 October 1995. Includes biogaphies.
Puerto Rico struggle beats back Pentagon plan
By Carlos Rovira, Workers World, 28 March 1996. Memory of the Ponce Massacre, 21 March, 1937, inspires opposition to US colonialism and military presence on Vieques.
Puerto Rican Independistas look to '98 protests
By Carlos Rovira, Workers World, 6 June 1996. New York Puerto Ricans plan to protest centenial celebration of US invasion of Puerto Rico.
International meeting of solidarity with the Puerto Rican political prisoners
The Organization of Solidarity of the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America (OSPAAAL) meeting announcement, from Mov. Cubano por la Paz. 3 July 1996.
U.S. Customs stamps P.R. passport
From Workers World, 25 July 1996. Juan Mari Bras is able to force US government to recognize his Puerto Rican citizenship.
UN Hears Debate On Puerto Rico Struggle
By Maurice Williams, The Militant, 19 August 1996. Debates over Puerto Rico's colonial status.
Puerto Ricans Remember Grito De Lares
By Carlos Rovira, in Workers World, 26 September 1996. National holiday that commemorates the beginning of the Puerto Rican revolutionary tradition on 23 September 1868.
Admiral Cristoforo Colombo arrives in Boriken
By Francisco J. Gonzalez, 19 November, 1996. Why Christopher Colombus' visit on this day should be remembered, but not celebrated.
Demand grows to release Puerto Rican prisoners
By Daniel Vila, in Peoples Weekly World, 25 January 1997.