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date: Tue, 19 Nov 96 9:45:06 -0500
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From: ("Gonzalez, Francisco")
Subject: November 19 (corrected)

Admiral Cristoforo Colombo arrives in Boriken

By Francisco J. Gonzalez <> 19 November 1996

Tau Taino!

November 19 is an official "holiday" in Puerto Rico, as that is the on the date of the arrival of Admiral Cristoforo Colombo (aka as Don Cristobal Colon, aka as Christopher Columbus) to the shores of Boriken.

On November 19, 1493, a fleet of Spanish 'caravelas' and 'naos' who had departed Sevilla under the direction of Colon (his 3rd voyage to the Americas) with the purpose of exploring other parts of the "Indias", arrived to the "Land of the Brave Lord", the island of Boriken.

After leaving Spain, Colon first reached the Lesser Antilles, and made direct contact with the Caribe people of Martinique and Guadaloupe; he proceed on a north-westernly route,from island to island until reaching the Virgin Islands. From Taino people he had encountered as prisoners of the Caribe, he learns of 'Boriken'. After skirting the northern coast of Boriken, he decides to land on a wide bay on the northwestern part of the island (in the area between the modern towns of Aguadilla and Aguada), to get fresh water. The Spanish sailors found a creek and a "ojo de agua" (spring) with clear. cool water to fill their casks and jugs. They did not see any Tainos at this place.

Colon staged a short ceremony, taking 'possession' of the island on behalf of the Most Catholic Majesties Fernando and Isabel, "Reyes de Castilla, Leon, Aragon, Valencia, Navarra y Granada"; and renamed the island as San Juan Bautista. With that, he departed the island of Boriken and never returned.

Twelve years latter, Juan Ponce de Leon, veteran of the war or conquest against the Arabs of Granada in Spain, and experienced killer of Tainos in Quiskeya, followed Colon's footsteps and began the nightmare of the European conquest of Boriken, that led to the ALMOST total destruction of the Taino people and cultures in Boriken/Puerto Rico.

Let's remember, but don't dare "celebrate", November 19th!!

Francisco J. Gonzalez