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The history of Vieques, Boriken (Puerto Rico)

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   The contemporary political history in general of Boriken (Puerto Rico)

Puerto Ricans Protest U.S. Radar
By Ron Richards in the Militant, 17 February 1997. Continuation of a long history of protests.
U.S. Naval contamination on Vieques, Puerto Rico
Pacific Studies Center, 9 June 1997. The most alarming contaminating factor in Vieques, and also the oldest, historically, is the U.S. Navy. The fifty years that the Navy has been operating in Vieques can be classified as "a half century of environmental disaster."
US Navy Not Wanted Here
By Carmelo Ruiz, IPS, 10 April 1998. US Navy impact on Vieques environment and health.
Puerto Rican Youth Demand U.S. Military Leave Vieques Island
By Rolland Girard and Ron Richards in the Militant, 20 April 1998. Article includes historical background.
Vieques Residents Plan U.S. Base Protest
Weekly News Update on the Americas, week of June 14-20, 1998. Contamination of Vieques caused by US Navy.
Press Release by Comité Pro Rescate y Desarrollo de Vieques
20 April 1999. Accuses US of murdering David Sanes the day before.
Puerto Ricans Enraged by Navy Deaths
By Chris Hawley, Associated Press, 23 April 1999. The military context.
Lawyers speak up against U.S. military
By Carmelo Ruiz, IGC, 4 May 1999. Puerto Rican Bar Association opposition to US in Vieques.
Testimony by the Comité pro Rescate y Descarrollo de Vieques before the United States Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
By Comité Pro Rescate y Desarrollo de Vieques, 6 May 1999.
La ponencia del PIP en la Comisión deí Energí del Senado de EEUU
By Ruben Berrios Martinez, 6 May 1999. Announcement of planned civil disobedience by Puerto Rican leaders.
Pentagon plans to take over Vieques; 'Accidental' U.S. Bombing Protested
By Carlos Rovira, in Workers World, 13 May 1999. Re. conditions under US occupation.
US, Puerto Rico Relations Strained
By James Anderson, Associated Press, 25 May 1999. Effect of the Vieques bombing accident on US - Boriken (Puerto Rico) relations.