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Date: Mon, 10 Feb 97 14:42:32 CST
From: bghauk@berlin.infomatch.com (Brian Hauk)
Subject: Puerto Ricans Protest U.S. Radar
Organization: InfoMatch Internet - Vancouver BC
Article: 5503

Puerto Ricans Protest U.S. Radar

By Ron Richards, Militant, Vol. 61, no. 7, 17 February 1997

VIEQUES, Puerto Rico__Some 250 people picketed in front of the U.S. Navy base here January 12, to protest proposed construction of a radar transmitter that could monitor aircraft movement over the northern half of South America. A second protest was held in front of Fort Allen in Juana Di'az, where the Navy wants to put the receiver. The proposed installation is a move by the U.S. military to reorganize their presence in the Caribbean and Latin America. The Navy regularly uses Vieques to practice with artillery, bombs, and invasions. The 10,000 residents of Vieques, a municipality of Puerto Rico, have a long history of protests against the U.S. Navy. About 30 protesters came from the main island. Chants included, "The Navy is always abusive, now they have a new excuse."

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