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Date: Tue, 12 Aug 97 12:15:05 CDT
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Subject: Weekly Americas News Update #393, 8/10/97

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ISSUE #393, AUGUST 10, 1997
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Puerto Ricans protest phone sale

Weekly News Update on the Americas, #393, 10 August, 1997

State workers in Puerto Rico have announced a series of protests which will build up to a national strike to protest the planned privatization of the island's telephone company. The privatization has already been approved by Governor Pedro Rossello. Rossello insists that the privatization of state-run communications companies is something which has proven successful in Cuba and Japan. On Aug. 5 hundreds of telephone company workers and other state employees picketed in front of the law offices where several of the privatization negotiators work. Unionists predict this year's strike will be bigger than the one held in 1990, the last time privatization of the telephone company was proposed, when some 100,000 demonstrators took to the streets to protest against the administration of then-governor Rafael Hernandez Colon. [El Diario-La Prensa 8/8/97] Meanwhile, the Popular Puerto Rican Army-Macheteros has issued a statement condemning an increase in the number of agents and offices of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Puerto Rico, as well as the transfer of the US Southern Army to Puerto Rico [see Update #392]. "The repressive, militarist and criminal role of these two Yankee institutions is well-known," said the Macheteros, noting that the FBI has carried out "political repression against our revolutionary movement."

[ED-LP 8/6/97 from AP]

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