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The working-class history of
Boriken (Puerto Rico)

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   The history in general of Boriken (Puerto Rico)

Hotel workers win union recognition in Puerto Rico
By Rick Nagin, in People's Weekly World, 26 August 1995. English version.
Ganan elección sindical trabajadores en P.R.
By Rick Nagin, in People's Weekly World, 26 August 1995. Above article in Spanish.
General Strike! Vows Labor in Puerto Rico
By Lance Cohn, People's Weekly World, 2 September 1995. The Puerto Rican Committee of Union Organizations (COS) opposes Labor Reform bill.
Puerto Rican workers reject AFSCME intervention
Letters of 26 February and 18 March, 1996 re AFL-CIO AFSCME raiding charge.
Puerto Rican workers: a profile
By Hector Figueroa, from NACLA Report on the Americas, November/December, 1996. A short history of Puerto Rican labor.
Puerto Ricans protest phone sale
From Weekly News Update on the Americas, 10 August 1997. State workers protest privatization of phone company.
Union President and Puerto Rican Privatization Czar May Hold Talks
In Weekly News Update on the Americas, week of 14-20 June 1998. Jose Juan Hernandez, president of the Independent Union of Telephone Workers (UIET) and Marcos Rodriguez-Ema, president of the Puertro Rican government's Privatization Committee, discuss how to avoid general strike.