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Date: Tue, 25 Nov 97 10:23:09 CST
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Subject: Workers around the world: 11/27/97
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Via Workers World News Service
Reprinted from the November 27, 1997
issue of Workers World newspaper

Workers Around the World:
Dominican Republic. Keep up Pressure

Workers World, 27 November 1997

In the aftermath of a successful two-day strike in the Dominican Republic, organizers are calling for continuing pressure on the government. On Nov. 14, two days after the general strike was lifted, the Committee of People's Organization, Unions, and Drivers warned that a similar demonstration will be called in February if the groups' demands are not met.

Millions of Dominicans braved military threats during the Nov. 11-12 strike. The country stood still on the first day of the strike. On the second day, participation stood at 90 percent in the south of the country, 85 percent in Santo Domingo, and close to 100 percent in Cibao, according to Committee spokes person Luz Zeneida Mejia. That was despite calls from some sectors of the strike leadership to lift the strike early.

&The people are on our side,& she said.

The strike followed months of protests against daily electrical outages, skyrocketing prices and low wages. President Leonel Fernandez has presided over severe austerity measures in his first year in office. He announced after the strike that the government would step up plans to sell food at lower rates.

Business leaders estimated that the strike cost bosses some $72 million.

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