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The contemporary political history
of the Dominican Republic

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   History in general of the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic - USAID, IMF
By J. Clancy. 11 January 1996. Part I of an analysis of the impact of US domination, the International Monetary Fund and structural adjustment on the Dominican Republic.
Electoral strategy
By Stephen Marks, Green Left Weekly, 22 April 1996. The Dominican Revolutionary Forces (FR) and the Camaa$ista Revolutionary Union are calling for a boycott of the national elections in May 1996.
Revolution to the rhythm of merengue
By Stephen Marks, Green Left Weekly, 24 April 1996. Re. fusion of four left poltiical parties.
Masses on the move in Dominican Republic
By Monica Somocurcio, in Workers World, 13 February 1997.
Negotiated Elections.
By Roberto Cassa, NACLA Report on the Americas, March/April, 1997.
Local Democracy
By Lilian Bobea, in NACLA Report on the Americas, March/April 1997.
Two Caudillos
By James Ferguson, in NACLA Report on the Americas, March/April 1997. Reconciliation of Balaguer and Bosch, formation of the National Patriotic Font and the victory of Leonel Fernandez, mark a new era.
Strikes Continue in Dominican Repubic
From Weekly News Update on the Americas, #393, 10 August 1997. Re. wave of general strikes and protests against Leonel Fernandez and his Dominican Liberation Party's neoliberal policies.
Protests Rock Dominican Republic
By Ron Richards, in the Militant, 25 August 1997. Waves of protests and strikes in response to Fernandez government's austerity measures. Unions coopted by government.
Around Latin America: Dominican Republic
By Daniel Vila, People's Weekly World, 1 November 1997. Re. the general srike of October 21 and 22, 1997.
Workers Around the World: Dominican Republic
From the Workers World, 27 November 1997. Re. Aftermath of the two day general strike.