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Subject: [BRC-NEWS] Quote of the Day: Robert Nesta Marley
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Redemption Song

Robert Nesta Marley, 1980

Old Pirates Yes They Rob I
Sold I To The Merchant Ships
Minutes After They Took I
From The Bottomless Pit
But My Hand Was Made Strong
By The Hand Of The Almighty
We Forward In This Generation, Triumphantly

Won't You Help To Sing, These Songs Of Freedom
Cause All I Ever Had, Redemption Songs, Redemption Songs

Emancipate Yourselves From Mental Slavery
None But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds
Have No Fear For Atomic Energy
Cause None A Them Can Stop The Time
How Long Shall They Kill Our Prophets
While We Stand Aside And Look
Some Say It's Just A Part Of It
We've Got To Fulfill The Book

Won't You Help To Sing, These Songs Of Freedom
Cause All I Ever Had, Redemption Songs, Redemption Songs, Redemption Songs

["Redemption Song" is from the album "Uprising", Tuff Gong Records, 1980]

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