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The history of culture in Jamaica

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   The history in general of Jamaica

Jamaican culture in general

Redemption Song
Robert Nesta Marley, 1980. Lyrics to a song on mental slavery by Bob Marley.
Island Debates National Hero Status for Reggae Superstar
By Howard Campbell, IPS, 18 April 2000. Around the world the dreadlocked image of reggae music popularised by Bob Marley is synonymous with Jamaica, the island where he was born 55 years ago. But for many Jamaicans, Marley's international acclaim does not mean that he is any kind of role model for the country.
Plan for nude nuptials upsets Jamaicans
The Straits Times, 3 February 2001. Hedonism III resort's plans for the 'world's largest nude wedding' has created a stir. During the past three decades, as tourism has boomed, Jamaicans have quietly endured visitors' stereotypes of their country as a place to frolic by the Caribbean Sea and leave 'civilisation' behind.

The history of religion in Jamaica

Away With Obeah Laws Say Rastafarians
By Sam Pragg, IPS, 20 January 1999. Members of the rastafarian community call laws against Obeah should be removed because it is a really a religion, not witchcraft.
Chant Down Babylon Tells the Rastafarian Story
By Howard Campbell, IPS, 21 January 1999. Review of a book that analyzes the relation of Rastafarian religion and Jamaican society. Twenty-one thorough essays by Jamaican and foreign scholars on Rastafari - its roots, social relevance and complexities. At the moment, Rasta is redefining itself, it's going through an inter-generational change.