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Civilians Fed Up

By Terrel Yearwood, Barbados Nation, 24 April 2000

THE PLIGHT of civilian workers employed by the Royal Barbados Police Force continues to be of concern to the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW).

Deputy general secretary Dennis Clarke told the DAILY NATION the conditions of service of car park attendants was of particular concern.

"Some of the huts they work in are in a state of disrepair with shaky floorboards. The attendants have to watch where they step," Clarke said, adding that in the absence of proper lighting some of the near 20 attendants in the five car parks also had to use flashlights.

He said the NUPW also wanted the status of half-day maids changed.

"While some of the civilian workers have been made public officers they are many who are really just casual workers," he said.

Last week Assistant Commissioner of Police responsible for Human Resources Bertie Hinds said civilian staffers were not being left out in the force's efforts to improve the lot of employees.

"We have been looking at areas where we have been deficient with a view to eliminating these deficiencies," he said.

Along with its 1,250 police officers, the force also employs about 153 civilians in maintenance, accounts and cleaning positions.