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The working-class history of Babados

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   The history in general of Barbados

Civilians Fed Up
By Terrel Yearwood, Barbados Nation, 24 April 2000. The plight of civilian workers employed by the Royal Barbados Police Force continues to be of concern to the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW). Working conditions and casual labor.
Wage Plea - Food Chain Urged To Pay Workers Well
Barbados Nation, 1 May 2000. The Budg-Buy food chain, still locked in a legal battle with the Barbados Workers' Union over the severance of supervisors, has been warned against oppressing its workers.
No Big Mac
By Carol Martindale, Barbados Nation, 12 March 2000. The Cabinet rejected the latest application submitted by T-Bone Investments to open a MacDonalds here. The most important reason were the objections from the Barbados Workers' Union (BWU) and the ongoing World Trade Organisation (WTO) negotiations on trading services. BWU members laid off in the 1990s often started food businesses of their own, and they now fear the fast food giant will destroy the small businesses.
Union Not Supporting Gravediggers
Daily Nation, 20 June 2000. Gravediggers, who have threatened industrial action if they are not granted a hazard allowance, do not have the backing of their trade union. Some of the 66 workers have threatened a work stoppage in an effort to show "they mean business", but the SSA shop steward says courtesy requires meeting with management at least twice first.
NUPW members: Fire the president
Daily Nation, 10 July 2000. Some members of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) want president Millicent Small sacked because he refused to reinstate three union officers. The President argued that a restructuring of the NUPW led to their being "terminated," not disciplined, and there is no provision in the constitution to challenge such a decision.
Second meeting into NUPW sackings fail
Barbados Daily Nation, 14 July 2000. Meeting of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) concerning sacking of two union officers by reason of union restructuring. Meeting fails for lack of quorum.
New world order brings fresh approach to trade unions
Barbados Daily Nation, 24 July 2000. SAP and working-class nationalism: The BWU General Secretary feels that the structural adjustments of the 1990s and globalisation significantly changes companies' approached to labour, and desired productivity requires greater attention to the needs of the workers; internal fighting between employers and Barbados as a whole is not necessary, but rather a united approach to fighting the external world.