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NUGFW heading for change in leadership

National Union of Government and Federated Workers,
press release, 15 September 2000

In the first round of nominations for National Executive Officers it has become clear that the largest union in the country is heading for a change of leadership.

The Triennial Convention of the National Union of Government and Federated Workers, which is due to be held in October, elects the union's National Executive Officers from nominations made by Sections, Divisions and General Branches within the union.

In the key position of President General there has been only one nomination - that of Robert Giuseppi, the current 1st Deputy President General.

This means that Selwyn John, who has served the union in a full-time capacity for fifty years, is now stepping down.

Mr. John was the General Secretary of the union for a number of years before being elected as its President General in 1986.

Robert Giuseppi, who was nominated by two of the unions three Divisions, seven of the unionís eight Sections and 14 General Branches, said:

This is the end of an era. They donít make them like Selwyn John anymore. He was from that school of early trade unionists that learnt the hard way and came up from the grass roots. He can still go anywhere in the country and be recognised and spoken to by our members. He is not going to be an easy act to follow.

Mr. John is expected to continue his relationship with the union in the capacity of special advisor.

The nominations also showed James Lambert being nominated unopposed as 1st Deputy President General - the position now held by Robert Giuseppi.

Mr. Lambert is currently the 2nd Deputy President General.

For all the other positions up for election more than one nomination has been made. Under the Rules of the union, a member can only stand for one position. The next phase of the electoral process requires those who have been nominated for more than one position to decide by the end of Friday 15th September which one they wish to contest.

Any remaining contested positions will be subject to election at the Triennial Convention on 28th October.