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The working-class history of
Trinidad and Tobago

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   The history in general of Trinidad and Tobago

   The history of the NATUC of Trinidad and Tabago
   The history of the healthcare workers of Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago need to stamp out child labour and distrimination against women, says union report
ICFTU Online..., 13 November 1998. Trinidad and Tobago must take steps to stop the growing use of child labour and to prevent women being discriminated against at work.
Riot cops for Tobago protest
By Annabelle Brasnell, in Internet Express, 16 May 2000. Irate public health workers were demanding to speak to THA secretary for health Judy Bobb and administrator Agatha Carrington because five of their colleagues had not been paid.
Petrotrin gets 2 weeks to settle wage accord
By Yvonne Webb, Trinidad Guardian, 17 May 2000. The Oilfield Workers' Trade Union (OWTU) workers at Petrotrin have given the company a deadline to settle negotiations. Failing this, they "they will see the wrath of the workers."
Caroni workers down tools over pension plan
By Radhica Sookraj, Trinidad Guardian, 17 May 2000. Operations at Usine Ste Madeleine sugar factory came to a halt after daily-paid workers downed tools for six hours to protest Caroni (1975) Ltd's pension plan.
New exploitation in Trinidad
CANA Online, 30 May 2000. The National Union of Government and Federated Workers complained about new forms of exploitation of workers as the country marks Indian Arrival day. In many respects little had changed as working people of Trinidad, like workers throughout the world, continued to be exploited for profit of few (brief).
T&T trade union leader calls for strike, protest action
CANA Online, 22 June 2000. the President General of the Oilfields Workers Trade Union (OWTU) calls on workers in Trinidad and Tobago to stage a nationwide one-day general strike to force the Basdeo Panday administration to address the fundamental problems of the people (brief).
NUGFW heading for change in leadership
National Union of Government and Federated Workers press release, 15 September 2000. The coming Triennial Convention of the National Union of Government and Federated Workers will elect the union's National Executive Officers. Robert Giuseppi, the current 1st Deputy President General is the sole nominee for President General, which means that Selwyn John, who has served the union in a full-time capacity for fifty years, is now stepping down.
TTUTA: Red day a success
Trinidad Express, 25 September 2000. Teachers were put on red alert by TTUTA's general council to protest the status of negotiations. "Red was a signal to heed our cry to pay us properly," said TTUTA president Trevor Oliver.