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History of healthcare workers
in Trinidad and Tobago

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   The working-class history in general of Trinidad and Tobago

South doctors on go-slow
Trinidad Guardian, 25 January 2000. Doctors at the San Fernando General Hospital have gone on work-to-rule following the collapse of a doctor over the weekend due to exhaustion from working overtime.
CPO accuses PSA of inaccuracy
Trinidad Guardian, 15 March 2000. The PSA rejected the CPO's offer of a salary increase of zero in the first year, one per cent in the second year and two per cent in the third year. The union also complained the CPO took 14 months to reach that figure. The CPO question the Public Services Association's commitment to the negotiating process for public servants.
Trinidad unionist under death threat
CANA Online, 19 April 2000. Jennifer Baptiste, President of the Public Services Association, who has lead thousands of nurses in protest demonstrations over the past three weeks, received a death threat (very brief).
Fed-up PoS nurses plan shutdown today
By Joanne Briggs, Trinidad Guardian, 26 April 2000. Nurses have threatened a total shutdown of the Port-of-Spain General Hospital today, in light of yesterday's failed meeting between the Public Services Association (PSA) and the Ministry of Public Administration.
Government steadfast on 'no work, no pay' position
The Herald, 27 May 2000. Nurses in Trinidad, who were off the job for 72 days and have agreed to return to work, threaten to remain off the job because of the government's steadfast position not to pay them for work not done.
Nurses bow to pressure - Sickout fizzling out
By Yvonne Webb, Trinidad Guardian, 20 June 2000. The seven-day sick-out by nurses has not garnered the kind of response anticipated. Vishnu Bhim, representative of the nurses section of the Public Services Association (PSA), said it has not translated into the success they expected because their members are bowing to all kinds of pressures.