The working-class history of Bermuda

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Teachers back new pay deal
By Alex O'Reilly, The Bermuda Sun, 11 February 2000. Following more than six months of negotiations, the Bermuda Union of Teachers (BUT), the Education Ministry and the Principal Association, thrashed out a new pay deal that includes a three per cent pay increase and an extra week of maternity leave.
HEB, BIU clinch wage deal
By Cathy Stovell, GazetteNET News, 9 March 2000. The Hotel Employers of Bermuda and the Bermuda Industrial Union announce (BIU) that a successful negotiation of wage and gratuity increases for the remaining two years of their collective bargaining agreement. The amicable signing of a full contract was for the first time in recent history.
Hotel workers unhappy with BIU
By Tim Greenfield, GazetteNET News, 29 March 2000. Hotel workers have threatened to withdraw their support of the Bermuda Industrial Union after claims over unresolved problems at the Island's largest resort.
Taxis: A struggle for greater unity
By Kevin Spurgaitis, Bermuda Sun, 23 june 2000. Recent violence against cab drivers has heightened calls for an organization that speaks for every driver in this country and makes the industry better, said Joe Brown, president of the currently inactive Bermuda Taxi Federation (BTF). However, the cooperation of taxi drivers as a whole will not come easy, since many drivers are only out there for themselves.
Firefighters remain defiant
By Karen Smith, The Royal Gazette, 23 june 2000. Defiant firefighters at the Bermuda International Airport will continue to boycott a new shift system today—despite lengthy talks between union bosses and management. The men have continued with their original working hours claiming they were not given the contractual 14 days official notice of the changes, or more time to discuss them.