The history of the dockers of Bermuda

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BIU to hold mass meeting
By Matthew Taylor, GazetteNET News, 12 February 2000. The BIU are to hold a mass membership meeting on Tuesday after being slapped with a contempt of court order for an illegal overtime ban. They will have to explain why they should not be punished for breaking a 1998 injunction forbidding them from breaking the Labour Relations Act by banning scheduled overtime.
Possible Sunday solution for docks disputes
GazetteNET News, 18 February 2000. Docks overtime disputes could be relegated to history as both sides in the current dispute consider scrapping Sunday working.
Dockers call a truce during legal case
By Matthew Taylor, The GazetteNET News, 17 March 2000. The dockers went back to work last night after downing tools during the day for their court bid to overturn an injunction over their overtime ban.
Fury over dockers' walk-out
By Matthew Taylor, The Royal Gazette, 7 May 2000. Stevedoring Services Limited has blasted dockers For walking off the job for a court hearing they had no chance of attending. The hearing was to decide damages against the Bermuda Industrial Union (BIU) after an earlier court decision ruled that the dockers had broken an injunction with an overtime ban.
Bermuda Industrial Union trio to appeal costs ruling
By Matthew Taylor, The Bermuda Gazette, 12 may 2000. The Bermuda Industrial Union (BIU) trio at the centre of a dock court case is to appeal after landing a legal bill, because they launched an overtime ban, believed to stretch well into six figures.